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Kirtland Temple

The unity it took to have the outpouring they had at the Kirtland Temple dedication is a greater accomplishment than building the temple itself. How can an entire people be that humble, that forgiving, and that understanding of one another? What compels people like that to choose such goodness and selflessness? I don’t know the answers to those questions, but I do know I deeply desire to get to that same level one day.



Judging people is a tough habit to overcome. We have to make judgments of situations to make sure we, and others, stay safe. With that said, some of my dearest friendships would never have been formed if I would have stayed away because of my initial judgment. In my experience, most people have good hearts, are watching out for those they love, and want to help others.


Please do not misunderstand me here, I don’t believe you should cut people out of your life whenever they say or do something you don’t like or if they offend you in some way. Especially if they acknowledge their wrong choices, are trying their best, and are asking for your patience.

However, to say you aren’t Christian if you refuse to be hurt, used, or lied to is completely wrong. You have every right to protect and defend yourself and those you love.

Firm boundaries established with kindness, respect, and communication are critical to healthy relationships. State your boundaries calmly & clearly even if it is uncomfortable. Forgiveness does not mean you must tolerate continual dishonesty, manipulation, or abuse.

Priesthood and Gender

I love the direction the Church seems to be going in regards to our understanding of the priesthood and gender. Priesthood power is available to everyone who participates in priesthood ordinances. A 12 year old deacon or a 12 year old young woman have the same priesthood power in their lives from partaking of the sacrament. A 19 year old elder or sister has the same priesthood power from being set-apart as a missionary by priesthood authority. My wife Sara and I have the same priesthood power from participating in the same ordinances at the temple. It seems to me that we are getting closer and closer to understanding what the Lord has known all along.


Not of the World

The Savior said His apostles are not of the world even as He is not of the world. The apostles are a link to Him. Watch them. Listen to them.

At night, the moon reflects the light of the sun to us. When we are not able to see the sun, it’s obvious the moon does. Similarly, we may not be able to see the Son today, but it’s easy to recognize His apostles do. They reflect His light onto us.


God, not Google

My friend John Bytheway says if you lack information, ask Google, but if you lack wisdom, ask God. Don’t tie your spiritual connection to your internet connection. If you want to connect to Heaven, try disconnecting from technology, then ponder, pray, be still, and allow the Spirit to distill slowly and gently upon your mind and heart.

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